Buidling Brothers

You can learn more about the Building Brothers process as developed by Dan Schaffer and his book, Spiritual Fathers: Restoring the Reproductive Church by visiting Straight Talk with Dan Schaffer.
Group Discussions:

During phase training groups from various churches gather to discuss where they have been in this journey of growth together and to look ahead at where they will be traveling over the next 11 weeks.


This dialog provides a powerful synergy as members from each church see how the process is unfolding in other churches.

The Father's Blessing:

We do not win God's approval.  In fact, we already have it.  Everything that belongs to Christ is yours and mine. Why?  Because we have been adopted into God's family. (Romans 8: 17)


An important part of the process is developing a safe place for men.  One of the first things we do is help men experience the blessing of the father as illustrated throughout the Bible.  Men learn that they have an important role in building God's Kingdom for the future by virtue of our being His sons.


Over the course of one year men in the process begin to understand who they are in God's Kingdom and to actively engage in puruing Him. 


A natural part of the process is the development of leaders for the church.


George Houle, Calvary United Methodist Church, Wichita, Kansas, David Bean, Culpepper United Methodist Church, Culpepper, Virginia, and Johnnie Draughon, Community United Methodist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, have recently been certified by Dan Schaffer, Building Brothers, as phase trainers for the WBB process.