Men Growing in Christ

Who We Are:
Wesleyan Building Brothers is an "endorsed" ministry of the General Commission of United Methodist Men.
We maintain this endorsed relationship by providing meaningful ministry with good business practices.



David Bean (right) prepares to introduce WBB to a gathering of men from the Methodist Church in Cuba.  To read the article click here.
Our Mission, Vision & Purpose:


Our Mission: To make disciples of

Jesus Christ for the transformation

of the world.


Our Vision: To make disicples for Jesus by engaging men in small groups where, by sharing their life stories and asking questions, they grow spiritually from spiritual childhood to full spiritual maturity and reproduce another generation of disciples.


Our Purpose: WBB exists to introduce a core of spiritually mature men into the local church who desire to use the gifts God has given them to do the task God has prepared for them to do in the world.

Ephesians 4: 11- 14 



Spiritual Fathers: Restoring the Reproductive Church by Dan Schaffer.


Phase training manuals:
Contact David Bean


Straight Talk with
Dan Schaffer


For more information about the WBB process contact George Houle.



Transformational Process:


This is a transformational process built on relationships developed over a one year period.  The process has four phases of eleven weeks. each phase is kicked off with a half day overview of the material to be covered in the weekly one hour meetings.


Four Phases:  


Phase I:   Building a Safe Place
                 for Men


Phase II:  Building Unity and



Phase III: Building a Ministry



Phase IV: Pursuing God


It is about asking questions expecting Holy Spirit to answer ... and He does!

WBB Impacts Families